Men's Ministry

Christian Vision for MenWhat is this?


It’s very simple – it has to be, it’s a men’s group.


We are the men who attend or who are somehow connected with Hereford Baptist Church, however loosely, and meet occasionally for social events, such as:


• An evening of high culture – an aperitif at Weatherspoons followed by a showing of ‘I am Legend’ at church. Most of the group are legends (that’s what our wives tell us) so we really felt at home.
• More culture – an aperitif at the Barrels then a curry at the humble Glass Tandoori (the planned venue didn’t work out, but I won’t go into too much detail).
• Canoeing on the Wye + BBQ
• A cycle trip + BBQ
• Archery
• A dads ‘n lads weekend on the Welsh coast
• Five-a-side football
• A snooker evening
• A Hereford United match, before their fall from grace


Men's Small Group

Wednesdays, now held weekly in the Green Room @ HBC 7.00am to 8.00am

- includes Light Breakfast from 6.45am


Reasons why you should consider coming to this:

 A morning slot before work (7.00 - 8.00am approx) should suit many of us, without further clogging up evening time;

  • Light breakfast provided;
  • Will be a good opportunity to meet as men, talk freely and openly as men, sharing experiences and encourage each other;
  • Chance to pray for each other, our families, the church and the world.
Even if you already attend a small group you will still be welcome at this one, as having a group just for guys is a great opportunity and of real potential value.

 Speak to Kevin Price or Martin Foster to register your interest.

 "The Men’s Small Group meets weekly with between 7 and 10 guys committing to make an early start, meeting at 7am for an hour, with the group serving as an opportunity to share experiences of our lives and faith.

The invite is there to any man in the church to attend this group on a regular or occasional basis."


Men's Breakfast

Hello all,
We are going to do another Men's Breakfast Event at Wetherspoons in Commercial Road – on Saturday 13th May 2017.

Update: 21st April 2017:
Thanks to all who have responded so far, indicating whether they can make this event or not.
If you have not yet thought about it, please do so and let me know if you wish your name to be added to the list.
This time, rather than me take pre-orders for breakfast from you and then collect what you owe, we are going to try a different system, which I’m reliably informed works well elsewhere, even with larger tables.
Basically, you just order your own when you arrive at the bar and pay for it there and then, giving your name. You collect the drink there and the food will be brought to you.
I attach a copy of the menu so you can have a think beforehand!

We will meet in Wetherspoons in Commercial Road at 8:30am, (I will forward an up to date menu for you to pre-select nearer the time) then afterwards head back HBC to watch a short, relevant DVD and receive a brief CVM update. All finished by about 10:30am, leaving the majority of your day still free.
Last year we had about 30 guys come, so let’s aim for that again or higher, as the event provides another opportunity to spend time together. As always, feel free to invite any friend who may not normally attend church.
Please register your interest now by e-mailing me back or let me know when you see me next.


CVM and their partners are renowned for the quality of their resources and there are a few I’d like to draw your attention to: 

Launched at The Gathering, was the long awaited CVM Codelife Bible for Men. Several of us have a copy and you can find out exactly what makes this bible different by clicking here: 

Another excellent resource are daily readings for Men, now in its sixth volume, called The Manual.

Many of you will be familiar with Sorted Magazine. This wholesome publication is expanding rapidly, now producing circa 30,000 copies per edition. Determined to offer an alternative to so called ‘lads mags’ such as Nuts, Loaded, Zoo, FHM, etc, Sorted’s Editor Steve Legg stated at the Gathering that they were getting close to exceeding the number of copied Loaded produces each month (34,000) and it would be good to wipe Loaded out. Earlier this week it was announced the Loaded’s parent company had gone into administration………

Also take a look at the Sorted taxi, now on the streets of London.Sorted





 Recent Events

 Westons Cider Meal and Tour

Westons Cider


 Men's Retreat Day

Retreat Day

10 guys from HBC took a day out from our inevitably busy lives for a Retreat Day at the House of Azar. Looking at the topic of ‘Dare to Dream’, the day consisted of teaching from Rev. Duncan McLean, combined with plenty of space in tranquil surroundings to reflect and meditate on what we had heard. Times of prayer and a communion service concluded proceedings and made for another successful day.

Men's Breakfast Event


A group of 25 men met at Wetherspoons, Hereford, early on Saturday morning.

A mix of calorific traditional fry-ups as well as Eggs Benedict and American-style pancakes was the order of the day, as early morning chat and banter filled the room.

Soon after it was back to HBC for a CVM update plus an engaging DVD called ‘Tough Talk’ see which showed guys who had their lives turned around through the saving power of Jesus, going into prisons to share their faith. All agreed it was a great way to start the weekend with a Kingdom perspective.

Annual CVM Gathering

Seven of us had a superb weekend had the annual CVM Gathering Event. Growing each year in numbers, 1100 blokes from up and down the country got together for worship, teaching and loads of other fun stuff in true CVM style. Full write up and photos coming soon via the website/Connections, but I can’t recommend the event highly enough. They are planning for 2,000 attending next year (over 500 have signed up already) and I know so many of our HBC men (and their mates) would really enjoy the whole weekend. If you are not a camper – join me at a local B and B! 

CVM will upload some Gathering material to You Tube soon, but take a look at a photo from the event which I’m sure you’ll agree is breathtaking.



Men's Karting Evening and BBQ Event

Expert DriversNow an established bi-annual fixture, 17 motorsport enthusiasts descended on Herefordshire Raceway at Weobley in May, for an afternoon of high octane fun and competition. With a range of experience, it soon became clear those who were there for the fun of it and those who were there to win! There were thrills and definitely spills as the showery weather made for interesting grip levels and a range of spins, collisions and brave or crazy overtaking manoeuvres - with a very fine line between the two…! In the end, victory went to Jason Borlase who once again proved his karting credentials. Sam Saunders was a notable second place, with seasoned campaigner Ed Price making up the third place on the podium.

Onward then to the home of Chris Saunders for the BBQ, where a number of other guys joined us for a time of food and fellowship.


Men’s Curry & Comedy Night

Curry & Comedy


Leisurely Bike Ride

On yer bike!


CVM - Men’s Breakfast

Dave Partington

Dave Partington

A group 34 men gathered at HBC for a hearty cooked breakfast followed by a talk from a visiting speaker. As is usual at our Men’s events, it was a great opportunity for extended fellowship and time together.

Once the lovely meal had been consumed we were pleased to welcome back David Partington who had spoken at our CVM Regional Day.
David delivered a challenging and honest session on ‘Worldly Addictions’. To download download and listen to the talk click on the link below.

Thanks to David and also Cath Kerry and her team of kitchen helpers.


Dave Partington - "Freedom from Worldly Addictions"


Some previous events

Karting & B-B-Q

Eleven brave men faced up to the challenge at Herefordshire Raceway to out-do each other in a series of highly competitive races to win the overall championship of the evening. After a number of spectacular spills and ‘crashes’, as well as highly controversial overtaking maneuvers Jonathan came out as the overall winner with Kevin and Ed not far behind in second and third places.

In a much quieter and peaceful ambiance some more friends joined in afterwards to enjoy a B-B-Q at Chris’ home. The evening was quite cool for June and windy, but under Ed’s expertise at quickly bringing a wood fire to a blazing inferno there was plenty of heat to share. Unfortunately, some hot dogs and hamburgers didn’t enjoy the heat quite as much!

It was another very pleasant evening of fellowship and enjoyment, and thanks were expressed to all who contributed to the success of the evening - not the least Chris’ family.


All the Ps

Thanks to Mark Turner who generously made his home available, around 25 men descended there for an evening entitled ‘All the P’s’. For those having been to Mark’s place before, they already knew what an Aladdin’s cave of boys toys there were - for the uninitiated it was a real surprise to see the array of full size pinball machines and games consoles on offer. Mark very ably kept a variety of pizzas coming (once he had remembered to turn the oven on!) and the amount of puddings on offer (home made by Mark) were something to behold. Supplemented by Nadine’s superb banoffee pie and Marilyn’s always excellent chocolate slab cakes, I think we were all somewhat heavier by the end of the evening. Again, it was just good to be able to spend time in each others company. It is at these Men’s events that in depth conversations can take place, where we can learn more about each other and share experiences. I would urge any HBC men to make the effort to come to future events, even if you have never been to one before.

I’d also welcome any suggestions for future Men’s events, especially if you would like to help organise one or assist with one. Please speak to Kevin Price or contact me on 01432 359135.


Remember that continues to offer a wealth of resources for Christian men on how we can work out and live out our faith.


What are we trying to achieve?

Good question. As men, given the struggles we have to form meaningful relationships, unlike the weaker sex (I mean physically, we all know who is really the strongest) we compensate by establishing missions, visions and strategies and achieving them. So here they are.

Our aims

• To introduce men to Christian friendship (especially important now that the church is growing rapidly and substantially)
• To provide support and encouragement for each other
• To enjoy ourselves
• To grow in our faith
• To develop a sense of togetherness
• To pray together in small groups.

Our guiding principles:

• Regular events, roughly bi-monthly
• Openness to newcomers
• Inclusive – for all age groups (starting at 16), all levels of physical fitness etc.
• Engagement in group should not detract from family life
• Not all events will be suitable for all, but there will be something for everyone.


Please feel free to contact us

If you want to talk to someone about this group, please ring Kevin Price on 07792 880482 or try the church office on 01432 352209.
e. Office

For more information about Christian Vision for Men follow this link to their website.