Reel Church

Reel Church is a new expression of church for those who like movies and want to think about the movies’ meaning and their spiritual impact and significance. We watch a range of different films and gather the story of the film and our own stories around God’s grand story. Reel Church is part of the mission work of Hereford Baptist Church and has a mission team led by David Pritchard that hosts and organises the Reel Church evenings.

In Reel Church we look to bring the movie into a dialogue and conversation with the Bible. Sometimes films have the potential to be transformative as they expand our vision and understanding of life. On other occasions we believe films can be places of divine encounter. Films help us to think and view things more sacramentally and the event of watching a movie can be used by God and have a spiritual effect, meaning and experience. We recognise that all of life including the movies can be an occasion of divine encounter. We also realise that for many the cinema is more than just escapism or entertainment but a place where people through watching films try to make sense of life and their own living.

Reel Church is more than an event to attend but we are seeking to build a Christian community. Having viewed a film we recognise that people will continue to think about it and therefore we want to encourage the conversation to continue and we have an interactive website to post thoughts and comments as well as meeting together to follow up the themes, questions and issues arising out of the film.

There will also be a film suitable for children to watch, if parents who come along want to make use of this provision.


Why not join us to watch a movie? Bring your friends along.


  • Listen and perhaps share some thoughts and ideas about the film we’ve watched.
  • Enjoy some food.
  • Make some new friends.
  • Explore spiritual reality.


Reel Church meets on Fridays once a month at the moment to watch a film and this is followed on with a group which meets for discussion.

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For more information about being involved on the team, coming along or bringing friends along please speak to David: