Thank You

Dear Jo,
A short while ago, you kindly chose to support Tearfund’s No Child Taken campaign. I thought you would appreciate a quick update about the incredible work that has been taking place around the world.

Firstly, some good news from the UK: 1763 of you signed up to support No Child Taken at Christian festivals and Bible weeks this summer. Together, you are set to raise a massive £170,000 this year, helping to protect children from trafficking, disease and disaster.


Just one of the exciting ways your money was put to use was in Nepal. You’ve no doubt seen footage of towns and villages destroyed by the major earthquakes earlier this year. But the physical destruction is only part of the story…
Traffickers have been exploiting the chaos which followed the quake, to abduct children. Most parents and children have no knowledge of traffickers. There was an urgent need to raise awareness about the serious danger that children faced.

    Thanks to your support, our partner organisation Children at Risk Network, Nepal (CarNet), funded several public screenings of a film about the dangers of child trafficking. As a result, many hundreds of children have been kept safe. Meanwhile parents, now wise to the ways of the traffickers, are spreading the word amongst their communities about trafficking.

    CarNet Nepal have also trained 68 volunteers to run Operation Safe Camps. These five day camps offer emotional support and intensive counselling to children who have undergone trauma, following the quake. It’s the chance to help hundreds of children deal with what they have experienced and rebuild their lives.

This is just a tiny part of the great work that you have helped make possible this year, both in Nepal and elsewhere. So, please be deeply encouraged and accept my sincerest thanks for helping to keep children safe around the world.

Yours in Christ,

Douwe Dijkstra
Country Director, Nepal