Where We Are Heading

Back in 2005 we identified some key areas of development and direction as we looked at the ‘futures of Hereford Baptist Church’. These included a renewed emphasis on being God’s missionary people, being a living presence in the City of Hereford, developing our youth and 18’s-30’s work, the introduction of new pastoral care structures and finding ways to learn and understand more about our City, its culture and our response and mission in it and to it.

At present we are continuing to find ways of being a church engaged with our community, we are looking afresh at the challenges and opportunities of youth work in the next 3 years and have recently appointed a new youth minister. We are also looking at and reviewing the use of our buildings and how we can produce a God-inspired building development plan. We take seriously our responsibility in partnering with mission purpose with other churches in the City. As a missionary congregation we have also been concerned in recent years to make sure our fellowship together deepens. We recognise that we can’t do everything but part of the challenge of recent days has been how we can all take our part and use the gifts God has given us in the body of Christ at Hereford Baptist Church, as we seek to be a church on the move for God.

As we look to the continuing ‘futures of Hereford Baptist Church’ we recognise the importance of the Word of God and the Spirit of God. While we see the need to sustain and support key established ministry and mission activities in the life of the church, we want to be open to God renewing our vision and leading us in new directions. We are seeking an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon our church and our City.