Night Shift

HBC @ NightNight Shift operates on a Saturday evening from 12 midnight to about 3 o’clock on Sunday morning.

The front entrance area of the church is opened up in order that those out enjoying themselves in the pubs and clubs that surround the church can come into a safe, friendly environment where they can finish off their evening with a sobering cup of tea or coffee entirely free of charge.

A small team of volunteers are on duty each Saturday evening to provide a welcome for anyone who comes through our doors.

12th November 2016 marks the 14th Anniversary of Night Shift.

All through these years Night Shift has been a regular feature of the night life of Hereford. Hundreds of young people - and some not so young! – have made use of our facilities. Some come in to wait for friends or taxis, some bring their chips, burgers or Subway rolls, some need to use our toilet, others want to warm up or rest their aching feet. Flip-Flops - offered freely to help those aching feet - have become quite a special trademark to Night Shift visitors.

We know most of our visitors by name and enjoy catching up with their news whenever they call in. What a privilege for Hereford Baptist Church to be part of the lives of so many young people who have no other contact with a church or Christian people!


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